Welcome to the Khalsa Phulwari Quiz!

Khalsa Phulwari makes quizzes especially for kids of all ages so that our Phulwaris can learn Sikh Itihas, Banis and much more. This helps them to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of Sikhism and its values.

Our well-designed quizzes encourage kids and every individual to learn Sikh history through the digital platform.
By learning about Sikhism through a quiz, kids can become more culturally aware and understand the Sikh values like Empathy, Compassion, Humbleness, and truthfulness. 

Welcome to the Khalsa Phulari Quiz!


We have quizzes on different topics like Chaar Sahibzaade, Khalsa Sajna Diwas, Guru Sahibaans and many more coming in the future. Every Quiz will have certain number of questions with a single choice of answer.

Participants will need 60% to pass the quiz. All questions are compulsory to attempt and each question scores 1 point. After completing the Quiz, the participant will also get an achievement certificate which will encourage them to be more connected to Sikhi. Participants/Parents can also share the certificate to any of the social media platforms of Khalsa Phulwari.


Gurmat Quiz On Guru Nanak Dev Ji

This quiz is based on the learnings from Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Gurmat Quiz On Guru Granth Sahib Ji

This quiz is based on the learnings from Guru Granth Sahib Ji

Guru Arjan Dev Ji Quiz

Understanding of the life and teachings of Guru Arjan Dev Ji, the fifth Sikh Guru and a key figure in Sikh history

Gurmat Quiz On Khalsa
Saajna Diwas.

Understanding of the history and significance of Khalsa Saajna Diwas

Gurmat Quiz On Lives & Sacrifice Of The Chaar Sahibzadas

Inspiring lives and ultimate sacrifice of the four sons of Guru Gobind Singh Ji

Improve knowledge and understanding of Sikhism

By taking a quiz on Sikhism, you can test and improve your understanding of the religion's principles, beliefs, and practices.

Increase cultural awareness and understanding

By learning more about Sikhism, you can gain a greater appreciation and understanding of the culture and traditions of the Sikh community.

Enhance learning and retention

Quizzes can be an effective way to engage with and retain new information, making them a useful tool for learning about Sikhism.