Welcome to the Sikhism Quiz!

Welcome to Khalsa Phulwari , a great place where we are creating resources for kids of all ages to share the learnings of Guru Granth Sahib Ji in a fun, exciting and easy way. 

We are dedicated to seva and trying to create the best content in forms of rhymes, songs, movies and online content like coloring/sketching, quizes and applications.

Our mission is to create great learning content for kids so that they have an alternative to the western rhymes and songs.

Note – We do not support Sikh Guru Sahiban’s animations. 

Improved knowledge and understanding of Sikhism

By taking a quiz on Sikhism, you can test and improve your understanding of the religion's principles, beliefs, and practices.

Increased cultural awareness and understanding

By learning more about Sikhism, you can gain a greater appreciation and understanding of the culture and traditions of the Sikh community.

Enhanced learning and retention

Quizzes can be an effective way to engage with and retain new information, making them a useful tool for learning about Sikhism.